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Small Ruminant Extension Program

The recently started UF Vet Med Small Ruminant Extension Program is an initiative promoted by the department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences as a response to the needs of Florida’s small ruminant stakeholders.

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The program focuses on developing and disseminating research and education material relevant to maintaining and improving sheep and goat health, production, and welfare and promoting cooperation and collaboration between different segments of industry stakeholders. The goal of this extension program is to adapt education and outreach efforts to the dynamic challenges and the diverse production systems in Florida, to promote the sheep and goat industry in the state.

Dr Cabrera


Meet Dr. Cabrera

Dr. Catalina Cabrera joined the UF college of Veterinary Medicine in 2020 as a clinician in the Food Animal Reproduction and Medicine Service and as the Small Ruminant Extension Specialist. She serves as the liaison between the University of Florida’s faculty, the county agents and the sheep and goat stakeholders. Her interests are preventive medicine and reproduction.

UF Sheep and Goat Projects and Events


Small Ruminant Production Conference

The UF/IFAS Extension Central Florida Livestock Agent’s Group (CFLAG) invites you to participate in the 2022 Small Ruminant Production Conference. This year we will focus on herd health, and a big part of the program will be dedicated to biosecurity and vaccination protocols.

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Sheep Ultrasound and Carcass Evaluation

Carcass ultrasound in sheep production can contribute to the advancement of the sheep industry through the determination of carcass traits. In this course you will learn how to ultrasound three important carcass traits: loin eye area, loin depth, and rib fat. These traits are highly inheritable and therefore, important when selecting breeding stock. Participants will have the opportunity to become a “certified scanner” for the Industry National Sheep Improvement Program.

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You are invited


Our inaugural 2021 University of Florida Ram Test and Sale has been up and running. We received 45 rams from several consigners and a variety of breeds.
Our Sale date is approaching and we want to make sure you are all invited. Individual ram performance will be evaluated to provide a source of high-quality performance-tested rams to producers, offer educational opportunities for the improvement of the industry, and facilitate networking among producers. 

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help us help you

Sheep and Goat Industry Assessment project

Are you interested in learning more about sheep and goat production systems and market potential in Florida? So are we! In an effort to better understand this industry and to better assist our producers, we are developing a series of surveys to 1) assess production characteristics and main challenges; 2) evaluate slaughtering and capacity and cost; and 3) understand consumer needs and perceptions about lamb and goat meat. If you are a sheep or goat producer in Florida, please give us 15 minutes of your time to help us with this project.

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Improving your production genetics

UF Ram Test and Sale

We invite you to participate in the inaugural 2021 University of Florida Ram Test and Sale. We are very excited to initiate this unique program and to work with sheep producers to quantify the desirable qualities of their rams. We hope that this program will provide value to your operation. 
This program is designed to standardize environmental conditions in order to evaluate individual ram performance, provide a source of high-quality performance-tested rams to producers, offer educational opportunities for the improvement of the industry, and facilitate networking among producers. 
We encourage you to consider consigning your rams to the 2021 UF Ram Test and Sale. Please contact us for further information or to consign animals to this program. Rams must be pre-registered by May 1, 2021 in order to be enrolled in the program. 

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You are invited

Small Ruminant Production Conference 2021!

JUNE 15 – 17, 2021
2 PM – 4 PM

by UF/IFAS Extension Central Florida Livestock Agents Group

Topics covered:
Farm Biosecurity considerations
Strategic use of forages to improve herd/flock nutrition
Approaches to gastrointestinal parasite management
Selecting the right breeders
Preparing for the breeding season
Much more…