Equine Research at UF

Equine Research

Improving Health and Care of Our Horses

The University of Florida is dedicated to providing state of the art medical and surgical care for your horse, teaching the future veterinarians of our state, and doing research with the goals of advancing equine wellness in our state and throughout the world. When you support the University of Florida, you are a contributor to the health and wellness of the horse.

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Did you know?

  • ALL research at the University of Florida has the ultimate goal of improving the health and care of horses throughout our state.
  • Research done at the University of Florida on different treatments for foal pneumonia caused by Rhodococcus equi is changing the treatment of this infection throughout the country and the world!
  • We have done multiple studies which revealed the appropriate dose and use of antibiotics in the foal, which has improved the treatment and care of foals throughout the state and county.
  • The research at UF resulted in new information on treatment and prevention of stomach ulcers in adults and foals.
  • Research at UF has demonstrated the efficacy of pain management strategies in the horse.
  •  We have discovered new information to explain how and why foals develop R. equi pneumonia.
  •  We have provided the best ways to test for adequate transfer of antibodies in colostrum from the mare to the foal through studies on our research foals.
  •  We have discovered new techniques for improving survival after colic surgery.
  •  We have improved patient care at veterinary hospitals throughout the world by studying the best ways to monitor blood pressure and blood flow to different organs in foals in intensive care units.
  •  We have learned how to accurately diagnose anhydrosis (non-sweating) in horses.
  •  Studies done at UF have helped determine the best therapy for EPM in horses.
  •  Our studies have shown the best drugs to use on foals with low blood pressure in intensive care units.
  •  Our studies have shown how many different drugs work in the foal and help improve care of the sick foal.
  •  Researchers at UF confirmed that Mare Reproduction Loss Syndrome (MRLS) does occur in Florida and is a likely cause of abortion in mares.
  •  Researchers at UF discovered Nocardioform placentitis in a Florida-bred mare, formerly isolated only in central Kentucky.
  •  Research in UF’s Equine Soundness Program has demonstrated markers for the diagnosis and monitoring of progression of osteoarthritis. Some of our tests have greater than 90% accuracy in predicting the presence or absence of joint injury.
  •  UF’s Racing Laboratory runs approximately 100,000 samples from horses and dogs in pari-mutuel competition per year.
  •  Studies at UF have helped determine the effects of over 40 different drugs on racing performance in Thoroughbreds.
  •  Current ongoing research hopes to provide the answer for the question:  How can we prevent R. equi infection in foals on breeding farms?