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Previously held program

The Academy of Ranch Management hosted an important workshop about Transition and Succession planning in January of 2018.

Succession and transition planning is not an easy process, indicating why the failure to plan is so widespread within agribusinesses and other business communities.  The hardest part of succession planning oftentimes is establishing and defining where to begin or even how to begin. This  half day workshop provided attendees with expert guidance and an introduction to approaches for developing a strong transition plan for you and your family.   

Attendees consisted of founders along with one’s spouse, current owner/operators and their spouse, next generation individuals along with their spouse and business managers.

Managerial Accounting program  The goal for the Managerial Accounting Program was to provide participants with business management tools and ideas which can be immediately implemented for their businesses. Small group discussion at the meetings  allowed attendees to build upon their  business and managerial skills in order to  improve the competitive position of their ranches.  The latest key performance indicators (KPIs)  and accounting practices were also discussed at these sessions.


Topics included:

  • Why ranch accounting and analysis is important,
  • Developing profit and cost centers,
  • How to get quality accounting information,
  • How to get quality accounting information,
  • Defining key performance indicators,
  • Using models for projections,
  • How to evaluate cash flow needs,
  • Developing production budgets

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 Mission of the Academy of Ranch Management

The Academy provides advanced training and continuing education to agribusiness producers.  We offer throughout the year individual workshops designed for and directed toward agricultural producers, and advanced agribusiness training series  directed to ranch management.

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Why enroll  in one of these workshops 

Agribusinesses is a high risk often low return business that requires successful managers and owners to possess a diverse and somewhat unique skill set.  The workshops provided through the academy of ranch management  will cover a range of topics.  These workshops are designed with a focus on agribusiness.  The academy  deliverables will allow managers and owners to obtain the latest information, tools, and technologies in focused workshops.  The goal of the Academy of Ranch Management is to assist participants in developing and maintaining  a competitive advantage, and be a success in their field.

Please contact us at: UFARM@vetmed.ufl.edu