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Dairy Veterinary Extension Programs

The Dairy Veterinary Extension Programs provide educational leadership and assistance to the Florida Dairy Industry in matters related to health and health management of dairy cattle. The only cost to Florida’s dairy farmers for these programs is transportation cost at $3.00/mile driven one way.

Drs. Carlos Risco and Klibs Galvao offer the following programs to Florida’s dairy farmers upon request:

  • Employee training in the following areas:
    • Calving management
    • Newborn care and calf raising
    • Identifying and treating sick animals
    • Hoof health and hoof trimming
    • Milking routine and milk quality
    • Artificial insemination
    • On-farm euthanasia

Each training session lasts about 1.5 hours, can be taught in English and/or Spanish, and include a PowerPoint Presentation followed by hands-on application of acquired knowledge.

  • Herd evaluation and troubleshooting in the following areas:
    • Record analysis
    • Reproductive performance
    • Transition cow performance
    • Milk production
    • Welfare assessment

The herd evaluation can be performed in each area separately or as a whole herd evaluation. A complete herd evaluation would include record analysis and a walk through the feed commodities, transition cows monitoring (body condition score pre and postpartum, subclinical ketosis incidence, endometritis incidence), stocking density, and cow comfort.

  • Program development and implementation:
    • Standard operating procedures (SOP) development
    • Reproductive programs including synchronization programs
    • Vaccination programs for adult and young stock
    • Herd health monitoring; diagnosis and treatment
    • Management of down cows

Program development is focused on the dairy’s needs. View our suggested SOP and click on ‘University of Florida Dairy Unit SOP.’ View dairy cattle webinars.